December 4, 2007

I Found My Love in Erdek

Today i want to give some information about Erdek. Erdek is a borough of Balikesir. We have a summer house in erdek, so every summer since i was born, we go there.

Erdek means a lot to me. When i was a little child and then a teenager, i was spending my whole summer in erdek. I met my husband in here 13 years ago. We were almost kids :) I still met my childhood friends from Erdek. They are still my best friends.

Erdek has one of the longest coasts in Turkey. One day if you come to Turkey, i suggest you to come here. It is 2 hours from Istanbul with ferry. Erdek is one of the initial summer resorts in Turkey. It couldn't improve as fast as the other summer resorts becouse people mostly prefer to go to the south of Turkey.

But Erdek also has a very clean sea and a very long beach. In july and augusts it's hard to find a place for just sunbathing in the beach, it's so crowded. You can swim, do parasailing, use jetski and other facilities.
It has may be the most beautiful sundown in Turkey. With the sundown romantism starts in Erdek. You can see all the lovers along the coast watching that beautiful scene.

And when the night comes all the people comes out, young and old. You can enjoy in the bars with the live music, you can chat while drinking a tea in the tea gardens, or you can just walk along the coast. Whatever you want.

It's very cheap having a holiday in Erdek. You can find very cheap hotels and pansions with seascene. Also eating and drinking is very economical. For more informaition you can visit


Merkal said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's really pure post Gamze! Erdek is more meaningful with you:) Sezen

Two Feathers said...

Looks very beautiful.
And warm.
Quite unlike here... in Missouri, USA.
Thank you for the pictures - I enjoyed being their in a "virtual" way.

arzu said...

I spent 13 or 14 summers in Erdek-Narli. Erdek always makes me smile.

With love,