October 25, 2007

Spain, At First Sight

Spain is the third most visited country. Each year over 45 million tourists came to see the beautiful monuments and sights. If you are planning to go to Spain, read the article below to learn where you must visit.

Torre de Bujaco, the Bujaco Tower is one of the places that must be seen. It's 25 meters tall. And it's also called the "Clock Tower". Muralla de Avila, the walls of Avila city, is 2516 meters and surround the city of Avila. It has 87 towers and 9 gates. These buildings seem so fascinating, so if you're willing to go, check out the hotels in Spain from now.

Hotels in Barcelona seem very nice and they have great prices. In Barcelona, one of the most popular place is Sagrada Familia. This Roman catholic basilica was being built by Antoni Gaudi. It's told that while the architect was looking his gorgeous building, he was crushed by the tramway and dead. And the building wasn't completed after this tragedic event since 1882. La Boqueria is a large market but it's the most popular market in Barcelona. It's open at 8 a.m and it's visited by so many tourists. In this market vegetables, fruits and fishes from all around the world are sold. Gothic Quarter is the center of Barcelona. It has so many small streets surrounded by the old roman buildings.

After visiting Barcelona, there it comes the capital city, Madrid. So don't forget to check out the hotels in madrid. In Madrid you must visit Prado Museum which is one of the largest art gallery in the world. It has a collection over 10.000 art works. Next to the museum visit the botanical gardens. And finally don't leave Madrid without visiting the Royal Palace. It's the offical residence of His Majesty. This palace is one of the finest palaces in Europe.

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